Master Of Kung Fu (1st Series) (1974) 83 (Direct Edition)

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GRADE: VGF (5.0)
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GRADE: VGF (5.0)
DATE: December 1979
SPECIAL NOTES: Direct edition, Return of Fu Manchu (full). Return of Karamenah (Dr. Petrie’s wife). This issue is filled with many references to the Illuminati. No letters page
COVER NOTES: Mike Zeck (A & I0
STORY(S): “Warriors Of The Golden Dawn, Part 1: The Phoenix And The Snake” (17 pages)
TEXT PAGE(S): “Bullpen Bulletins/Stan’s Soapbox”
APPEARANCES: Fu Manchu, Si-Fan, Phansigars, Thugees, Hashishin, Templars, Leopard Cult (Si-Fan), Shang-Chi, Leiko Wu, Lyman Leeks (MI-6 Agent), Black Jack Tarr, Clive Reston, DuCharme, Miss Melissa Greville (Secretary for Sir Denis Nayland Smith), Fah Lo Suee (Daughter of Fu Manchu), Zaran (Maximillian Zaran), Maru (Fu Manchu's Henchman), Sir Denis Nayland Smith, Karamenah (Dr. Petrie's wife)
WRITER(S): Doug Moench
ARTIST(S): Mike Zeck
INKER(S): Gene Day
COLORIST(S): Benjamin Sean
LETTERER(S): Diana Albers
EDITOR(S): Roger Stern, Jim Shooter

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