Master Of Kung Fu (1st Series) (1974) 17

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GRADE: FR (1.0)
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GRADE: FR (1.0)
CONDITION NOTES: Value stamp cut - Story OK
DATE: April 1974
SPECIAL NOTES: 1st appearance of Black Jack Tarr, Series continued from "Marvel Special Edition", Marvel Value Stamp #53 (Grim Reaper)
COVER NOTES: Ernie Chan (I), John Romita (A & I)
STORY(S): "Lair Of The Lost" (19 pages)
TEXT PAGE(S): "Missives To The Master", "Marvel Bullpen Bulletins", "Presenting - Another Bombastically Bucolic Bullpen Bonus Page!" APPEARANCES: Shang-Chi, Black Jack Tarr, Sir Denis Nayland Smith, Tak The Sumo, Fu Manchu
WRITER(S): Steve Englehart, Jim Starlin
ARTIST(S): Jim Starlin
INKER(S): Al Milgrom
COLORIST(S): George Roussos
LETTERER(S): Tom Orzechowski
EDITOR(S): Roy Thomas

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