Heavy Metal Volume 3 [Heavy Metal] (1979) 8 (December)

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CONDITION NOTES: Minor Cover Tears
GENERAL NOTES: December 1979 Volume 3 #8, (AO)

"Midnight Feast"
Reveillon script and art

"Combing Out the Kinks"
Stephen Stiles script and art

"Suburban Scenes: Welcome to Cityville 2"
Caza script and art

"After the Fall"
Serge Clerc script and art

"Santa Claus vs. S.P.I.D.E.R."
Harlan Ellison text, Gahan Wilson illustration

"The Story of Rowlf Part 2"
Richard Corben script and art

"On the Side of the Highway"
Christian Harold script and art

Montxo Algora script and art

"Pau Pele Pau Mano"
Trina Robbins script and art

"A Tale of Christmas"
Moebius script and art

"Gnomes: The True Inside Story"
Luck and Flaw text and art

"December 24th, 11:55 p.m."
Phil Manoeuvre script, Al Voss art

"Slim Kentucky"
Luc Cornillon script and art

"Christmas Carol"
Arthur Suydam script and art