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Publisher Marvel Comics
ISBN 0714860246211

The Fantastic Four (1st Series) (1961) 200

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DATE: November 1978
SPECIAL NOTES: Jack Kirby cover. Origin of Doctor Doom. Battles: Doctor Doom. Story Reference: Fantastic Four #196. Guest Starring: Prince Zorba. Peter Sanderson L.O.C.
COVER NOTES: Jack Kirby, Joe Sinnott (inks)
STORY(S): “When Titans Clash!”, “Beginning Of The End! (Chapter 2)”, “At Long Last, Defeat! At Long Last, Victory! (Chapter 3)”, “Latveria, A Nation Anew! (Epilogue)” (34 pages)
TEXT PAGE(S): “Marvel Bullpen Bulletins/ Stan Lee’s Soapbox”, “Baxter Building Bulletins” (letters page for Fantastic Four #197)
APPEARANCES: Doctor Doom (Victor Von Doom), Victor Von Doom II, Fantastic Four, Mr. Fantastic (Reed Richards), Human Torch (Johnny Storm), Thing (Ben Grimm), Invisible Girl (Sue Richards), Prince Zorba, Alicia Masters, Servo-Guards
WRITER(S): Marv Wolfman
ARTIST(S): Keith Pollard
INKER(S): Joe Sinnott
COLORIST(S): Francoise Mouly
LETTERER(S): John Costanza
EDITOR(S): Marv Wolfman, Mark Gruenwald, Jim Shooter
Price: $24.00
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