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The Fantastic Four [1st Marvel Series] (1961) 193

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GRADE: FVF (7.0)
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GRADE: FVF (7.0)
DATE: April 1978
SPECIAL NOTES: 1st Appearance of Victor Von Doom II (in shadows). Origin of Darkoth the Death-Demon (Desmond Pitt). Thing solo story. Battles: Darkoth, Diablo. Guest Starring: Impossible Man. Story Reference: Fantastic Four #142, 144, 188. No letters page.
COVER NOTES: Keith Pollard (A), Joe Sinnott (I), Denise Wohl (L)
STORY(S): “Day Of The Death-Demon!” (18 pages)
TEXT PAGE(S): “Marvel Bullpen Bulletins/ Stan Lee’s Soapbox”
APPEARANCES: Darkoth the Death-Demon, Alica Masters, Franklin Richards, Agatha Harkness, Mr. Tyde, Impossible Man, Diablo, Victor Von Doom II, Rebecca Rainbow, Wyatt Wingfoot
WRITER(S): Bill Mantlo, Keith Pollard, Len Wein
ARTIST(S): Keith Pollard
INKER(S): Joe Sinnott
COLORIST(S): Janice Cohen, Francoise Mouly
LETTERER(S): Joe Rosen
EDITOR(S): Marv Wolfman

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