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The Fantastic Four [Marvel] (1961) 163

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GRADE: VGF (5.0)
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GRADE: VGF (5.0)
DATE: October 1975
SPECIAL NOTES: Battles: Gaard (Johnny Storm of Earth-A).
COVER NOTES: Rich Buckler, Joe Sinnott (inks), John Romita (alterations)
STORY(S): “Finale!”, “Arkon At Bay! (Part Two)”, “Victory In Hyper-Space! (Part Three)” (18 pages)
TEXT PAGE(S): “Fantastic Four Fan Page” (letters page for Fantastic Four #159), “Marvel Bullpen Bulletins/ Stan Lee’s Soapbox”
APPEARANCES: Gaard (Johnny Storm of Earth-A), Thing (Ben Grimm), Mr. Fantastic (Reed Richards), Invisible Girl (Sue Richards), Albert E. DeVoor, Human Torch (Johnny Storm), Fantastic Four, Earth of 5th Dimension, Andrones, Arkon, Earth-A, Reed Richards (Earth-A), Alicia Masters, Franklin Richards
WRITER(S): Roy Thomas
ARTIST(S): Rich Buckler
INKER(S): Joe Sinnott
COLORIST(S): Don Warfield
LETTERER(S): Joe Rosen
EDITOR(S): Roy Thomas

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